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Episode 2 -

Just Be,

I want to start off today by saying that switching away from medicated talk has really made me feel way more like a comedian again. It’s interesting all the changes that I/we go through in our careers and in our lives. I have really only had one comedy mentor type in my long career and that person/comedian is Artie Lange. With all the troubles that Artie has gone through in his life’s journey, the one thing that was never stunted was his ability to always give spot on comedy advice. As I’m writing right now, I can’t help but hear his voice in my head saying just be funny, don’t try to brand yourself. He would always tell me - just say what you think is funny and don’t worry about if that joke or that story is off brand for you… Just say it! It’s amazing advice! My favorite comics aren’t trying to be a brand - they just are a brand without trying. I look back and hate a lot of jokes I’ve done that say who I am. It makes sense that the current piece of merch that sells best after my shows and online is the shirt that says Just Be. My wife says it to me when I’m too chatty, but it applies to so many situations. If we all just be, we are usually at our best no matter what the situation is. The Life Of Joe podcast is really me Just Being. Whatever happened in my life and sharing it with you, and then the fans sharing their similar life situations. Nothing forced, just reporting whatever went down. I’ve always loved the part of comedy that no matter how specific you’re being when you are sharing your own life, it relates to everyone. This episode that comes out Monday June 3rd, Is a great example of what’s to come with this new podcast. I hope you enjoy it.