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Lately I’ve been having so many creative ideas, but I’m not finishing any of them. Is it the daily work load of being a dad, husband, home owner, and now dog owner? I got to be honest, I’m so sick of talking about myself on stage and on social media.

I want to start talking about this F’d up world we live in. But being on anti-depressants keeps my old anger at a simmer so, pen never hits the paper. When I was unmedicated, I would get so worked up about life that I could not wait to verbally vomit my disgust on the audience.

I know I am a way better husband, and father on my medication, but I’m pretty sure I was a better comedian unmedicated.  I was a better comedian when I was happy, but I was a risky booking for club owners. Even if I was funnier, I got in trouble constantly.

I can’t go off them, I know I’ll regret that quickly. I do want to get rid of the house and downsize to a nice apartment though. I’d love to not have to ever think about landscaping, the roof, the windows, the garage door, the oak trees, the driveway, the snow removal, the boiler, getting central air or not, a fence for the dog, the basement flooding, and finally sub pumps or French drains ever again.

Stay tuned everyone. Be sure to follow my comedy and views on life on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and my Website. I’ll save my honesty for here in written form. Talk to you soon.