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Episode 1 -

Hi Everyone,

I decided to revamp the Medicated podcast. Being medicated is actually a really really small aspect of my life and I want to cover all sides of my life in my podcasts. This new show will be called Life Of Joe and will be about every aspect of my life and YOUR  lives as well. I’d like you all to send in videos/pictures from your lives and how it relates to our weekly topics on my podcast.

Please send everything to and or leave voicemail messages about your life and how it relates to our weekly topics on our hotline #. Leave a message on 951-298-9899.

My last episode the Evolve Of The Week was about how when I returned home from my 10 day road gig trip I was a little ticked by certain things that my wife didn’t attend too in our house. Instead of calling or texting her, making a passive aggressive remark about she still didn’t pour Drain-o down our clogged shower drain, I chose to just keep it to myself and move on.

Yeah, sure, talking about it on the podcast might not be a completely evolved move by me, but it was a big step in the right direction. It felt really good to think about how she’d feel after I went away for 10 days to perform comedy while she did everything for the kids and our dog while I was away if I blurted out that the show was still clogged and how can she live like that. I think Evolve Of The Week should be a regular podcast segment and something I strive for weekly.

If you can relate and want to share please email a video of you explaining or a Voice Mail of you explaining yours or a video of it actually going down in your life. This week I’d love some videos of you explaining some of your neighbor situations from your life. I had a major Evolve Of The Week moment this week when I didn’t get mad at my neighbor when she wanted me to not have one of fence posts installed on her property. I’ll tell you more about it on the podcast, but I almost patted myself on the back from handling it so well. Our landscaper said it best when he said “You can’t bring your property with you when you die so why care”. So true!