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Listen to a new episode of my Life of Joe podcast every Thursday. If you want to listen to an episode that you missed the full library is also available to you below. I'm a 30-year standup veteran with two 1-hour specials and coveted TV appearances, who hosts a heartwarming podcast about day to day life as a husband, dad, and comic. Life Of Joe speaks to everyone out there doing the daily grind and trying to get the most out of life. The podcast features friends, family, neighbors, and comedians all weighing in to connect, learn, and laugh with one another.  Each of us is an everyday Joe - so let's all talk. I pick topics each week from my life mixed with topics that are just on my mind that week and I post them for you the fans to interact with by sending me emails or leaving your thoughts on the shows voicemail number. The topics are posted on all my social media outlets every Tuesday and you'll get them delivered to you every Tuesday if you join my email list here on my website. Please send your comments on my weekly topics to or call and leave voicemails about that weeks show topics by calling 951-298-9899 and leaving a message on my 24hr voicemail number. Please state your name and where you are from and keep the message to under 2mins long. The deadline for the comments is always Wednesday at 11am for that Thursdays new episode. 


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