“Quiet Please”
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“Quiet Please”is my 1st ever comedy album. If you are a true fan of mine this a must get. It has 11 tracks of my standup from all different comedy clubs in NYC when I was about 10 years into my comedy career in the late 90’s. A lot of my earlier classic bits are on this album including What? I I Love You that to this day comedian Jim Gaffigan greets me with whenever I see him, and of course Quiet Please the albums title bit in it’s earliest version. This album also has my famous Rollerskating bit to Journey’s Faithfully that used to get requested by audiences members years after I retired the bit and still gets played a ton on Sirius XM. You’ll get to hear me before I was married and had kids and I was just single and being truthful about my dating life back then.





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CD “Quiet Please”