“The Poster’s Wrong” (Joe’s 2nd One Hour Special)
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“The Poster’s Wrong” is my 2nd 1 Hour Special and was recorded in Philadelphia, PA in 2018 where I started my standup comedy career and 15mins from where I grew up in Cherry Hill,NJ. If you saw the movie Rocky 5,000 times like I did you’ll get why I called this Special The Poster’s Wrong. If you don’t get the reference watch the Special and you’ll see what the title is referencing. I’ve always loved performing in Philadelphia and that’s why I chose to shoot this special at Helium Comedy Club. This club has a low ceiling and the audience is sitting close to the stage so I could feel every laugh. You’ll want to get this DVD of my Special just to see the extended Rocky bit, bonus footage, and the outtakes. This is a combo package and comes with a DVD with all the bonus footage, and an audio cd so you can listen to The Poster’s Wrong in your car. Thanks, Joe



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DVD/CD Combo “The Poster’s Wrong”