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It really does seem like posting clips on social media of myself either doing standup or moments from my life is a constant distraction from enjoying the really wonderful things that being present in life can bring.

I can't be the only person that notices that when you get in a really good discussion with people you are friends with, or even some new stranger or strangers you encountered that your anxiety level even if you aren't really an anxious person goes down.

I'm currently having fun working on this bit about old school celebs like The Rat Pack trying to figure out how to interact with their fans if they were famous now after they just did a show. I'm so jealous that they didn't have to do what people in the entertainment business have to do now.

Back then there were famous actors that just didn't do interviews and hid, and they were still very successful. Could that work these days? Can you imagine how torturing it must be to be a celeb that gets bombarded daily on social media.

I realized late in life that enjoying your life is way more important than focusing on your career non stop. I wish I made that switch earlier in my life. We all like I say on stage "We are gonna slow it down" really need to do that. My time nowadays connecting with my wife and making her smile, or playing with my kids and making them laugh, or just the simple task of walking my dog alone without my phone and just really being with my King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Ozzie are the happiest times for me.

So everyone please just "Slow It Down" and Just Be."

Your Friend,