"Remember When" Tour

Don't miss Joe's new nostalgic 80's and 90's one-man standup show near you. Come see the show that is taking off on TikTok. It will take you back to a time before computers and cell phones existed and going clubbing 7 nights a week seemed really important.

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"Medicated" Live At The Village Underground In NYC

Joe Matarese is in front of a sold out crowd in NYC bringing his shockingly truthful perspective on getting older, how brutally hard parenting can be, the neuroses that run rampant in his Italian American family, and how he finally bit the bullet to medicate his anxiety and anger. This 1 Hour Standup Special was filmed at The Village Underground in the Greenwich Village section of New York City.

"The Poster's Wrong" Live In Philadelphia

Joe Matarese is live in Philadelphia in his second 1 Hour Comedy Special called The Poster's Wrong. He's a very neurotic guy and if you saw Rocky 500 times like Joe did you will truly appreciate why this special is called the Poster's Wrong. Sit back and enjoy him in his element at Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia.

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